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 Products Name: Gate Valve

Product Description

Gate Valve

            Gate Valve-Flange End                  Gate Valve-Flange End
                    Bolted Bonnet                       Bolted Bonnet
           Outside Screw and Yoke                 Outside Screw and York
       Flexible Wedge,For 65A-300A   Flexible Wedge,For 2-1/2''~12''(ANSI 150)
  Flexible Wedge(size2''-12'')(JIS 20K)      Flexible Wedge Size 2''~12''(ANSI 300)
                    Rising Stem                         Rising Stem
            Non-Rising Handwheel                Non-Rising Handwheel
         Integral Seat Rings(JIS 20K)            Integral Seat Rings(ANSI 300)
                   Flangd Ends                       Flanged Ends
       Seat Ring Full Stellite(optional)            Seat Ring Full Stellite(optional)

           Gate Valve-Flange End                    Gate Valve Screwed
                  Bolted Bonnet  Suitable medium:water,oil,air and some  corrosive liquid.
           Outside Screw and York                      Size range: 1/2''~3''
       Rising Stem and Handelwheel             Working Pressure: 200PSIWOG
          York Integral with bonnet             Temperature Range:-20~232C
               Integral Seat Ring Thread kinds:NPT,BSPT,BSP,DIN259/2999
                    Loose Disc  
                    Flange End  
       Seat Ring Full Stellite(optional)  

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